Masculine style pad with a rooftop perch in Copenhagen

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This fabulous apartment featuring exposed brick and recycled wood is the home of Michael Lauritzen, a consultant and partner in The Good Wood, located in Nyhavn a waterfront district in Copenhagen, Denmark. Michael’s company, The Good Wood makes unique wood furnishings from recycled wood from historical buildings. His masculine style apartment encompasses 1,291 square feet (120 square meters) of living space with a fabulous rooftop deck featuring 400 square feet. The views from the rooftop resembles that of a picture perfect postcard, one of the main reasons why Michael purchased this home in one of Copenhagen’s oldest neighborhoods. The original interiors were not quite as impressive, with a narrow distribution and small and cramped rooms. Despite the numerous changes that needed to be made with walls and ceilings, Michael was not dissuaded, as this is his fifth renovation project, throughly enjoying a challenge. His interest is in buying homes within old buildings, as they have a story to tell and unique artisanal details that you do not get with a brand new home… not to mention it is in keeping with what he does for a living, re-purposing old structures!

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As for furnishings, Michael’s edgy designed recycled wood furnishings looks perfect in this apartment that has been peeled back to its historic core of timber framing and exposed brick, creating the perfect backdrop. There was also plenty of space left over to add art, classic designer furnishings —the core of Michael’s decor that has been with him for many years —and special vintage finds to create a nice eclectic mix. Accessories and lamps he likes to replace out regularly to give a fresh, updated look to his home. The color scheme is very subdued, revolving around the natural materials and shades of masonry, wood and leather on the furnishings.

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Michael gave a few tips on how to achieve a masculine style aesthetic in your home, starting with the color scheme. He suggests earthy tones, golden hues, black and white. Your sofa and chair selection should be in wood and leather, with classic expression and 50s and 60s references. Add some rusticity, selecting a dining table, coffee table and benches in raw, recycled wood. Walls should be raw brick, or paint a black wall. As far as decorative items, keep it minimal, a few delicious items with a masculine and simple expression.

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What We Love: You are looking at it, the picture referenced above with a ladder that leads up to a fabulous rooftop deck. We can imagine hosting great parties to enjoy barbecue potlucks, good friends and great conversation! Reclaimed furnishings mixed with designer pieces and fun vintage finds makes for a cool apartment that is laid back and inviting. Exposed brick is always a great look and the perfect backdrop to the space. What do you think, anything in this pad that catches your eye?

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Photos: Boligmagasinet

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