Luminous renovation in Spain enhances indoor-outdoor connection

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This luminous renovation of a house with a lush garden was carried out by architect  Josep Cortina, featuring bright and airy spaces, located in a town near Barcelona, Spain. The clients were looking to tear down walls to create a sense of spaciousness, filling the rooms with natural light. The goal was to cater to the new homeowners lifestyles, which are centered on family activities. Now, the lower level, which encompasses the public zones, has a more spacious living room with windows and an open concept kitchen, perfect for cooking and entertaining friends. The upper level features the bedrooms, where the decor is clean and balanced with brightness. The renovation infused warmth into the interiors, giving an aesthetic that seeks luxury, devoid of ostentation.

In the living room, with a few but well-chosen pieces and extensive windows, the sofa is oriented toward the dining room, which is framed by a large arch that helps to enhance the space. The rectangular shaped kitchen is light and airy with exquisite design features. With an outward distribution, it seems much broader, because it gains visual depth through the glass doors that once opened, extends out to the porch and garden. The kitchen island and cabinetry were all custom designed by the architect. All of the furnishings showcase clean lines, layers of texture and lots of decorative elements that adds to the overall beauty of this renovation project.

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The porch is an extension of the kitchen, which extends visually. To make it more welcoming and usable beyond the summer season, it is protected by a pergola with a glass roof, which incorporates vertical blinds and shutters; practical to prevent drafts and offer shade from the afternoon sun.

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What We Love: The open kitchen that extends out onto the porch, creating a more spacious living area and an overall more luminous interior environment. This renovation project merges great design, quality and loads of functionality, creating a very welcoming and livable family home that can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. How about you, what do you think of this luminous renovation project?

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The kitchen merges with the outside through a long span on the facade. Expansive sliding glass doors connects with the porch, transformed into an outdoor lounge with seating and dining area.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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