A modern Texan dwelling showcases bright, colorful interiors

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In this striking modern home project, Dillon Kyle Architects worked with the homeowner, a designer and landscape architect, to renovate their dream house. This 1930s residence is located in Southampton Place, a neighborhood located in Houston, Texas. The architects worked meticulously to preserve the structure of this historic property. They were given the opportunity to correct the mistakes made to a past modern addition of this home.

According to the architects, “a misguided remodel had left the living room and dining room of the home in almost darkness—a bulky, flat-roofed addition blocked natural light from reaching these spaces.” They also removed that part of the structure, constructing in its place, a living area that is more to scale with the existing architecture. Now, a brand new kitchen connects the original house with the den.

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The renovation has not only brought natural light into the home, it also provides structure to the backyard, by framing the swimming pool. The interior designer scheme was completely revamped by the homeowner—providing bright, colorful interiors that are playful and eye-catching.

The architects were responsible for giving the exterior facade of the addition a fresh aesthetic. They infused some contemporary texture into the home. Creating a beautiful contrast between the parquet-like composition of white painted wood, intermingled with the brick pattern on the main structure.

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What We Love: Inviting design both inside and out, this spacious renovation project enables the homeowners to entertain in style. The charm of the original structure has remained intact, while a bright new addition is still in character with the existing architecture. We love all of the playful elements infused throughout the home and the bright pops of color—full of personality!… Readers, share with us your thoughts on this modern renovation project.

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Photos: Courtesy of Dillon Kyle Architects 

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Carol Melville
7 years ago

Love how much personality this home has. Seeing way too much of the all neutral palette these days. Each room here has it’s own style and yet all are bold designs that flow together well with use of color and materials. Thank you for posting this.

7 years ago
Reply to  Carol Melville

Carol, so happy to hear you enjoyed this home!