Old Victorian home in Toronto updated with a French twist

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A dilapidated three-storey, semi-detached Victorian house was re-imagined by designer and architect Stephane Chamard, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The designer is originally from Paris, but a budding romance drew him to Toronto where he now resides and works. Although it took some time for his to get adjusted to his new life in Toronto, he was instantly captivated by this home he came upon while house hunting. The charm of the home is that it had not been modernized, its original and has character. The property had been abandoned for almost thirty years and the floorplan was minus a kitchen and bathroom. Despite this setback, the designer didn’t mind, he liked that there was plenty of work to be done to make the space livable but the character was still intact. The layout was very spacious and the principal rooms were roomy enough to work with, remaining unchanged since the home had been developed. The living room overlooks the street, while the dining room is at the center of the home and the kitchen is located at the back. An elongated hallway links all of these space together.

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The designer set this home up to emulate the way Parisians live, creating entertainment spaces that effortlessly flow from one to the next. The dining room is separate from the kitchen so that the mess is hidden from view and after the meal is over, guests commune into the living room. The hallways and staircases not only keep the rooms separated, they also help to make the home feel more spacious than it actually is, providing a nice circulation. The finished result of this home is spaces that do not appear as though they have been newly renovated and are not overly coordinated. The overall aesthetic was made to look effortless on the inside and somewhat worn on the exterior, another French tradition. Their thought process is to keep it humble on the outside, not showing off to your neighbors, you live on the inside.

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What We Love: A Parisian-influenced interior of a Victorian home in the heart of a trendy neighborhood in Toronto is way chic! Love what this designer has done to this home, infusing character and charm and at the same time making this home feel like it has been lived in for years. What do you think, was the designer successful at making this home a livable space that you could see yourself taking up residence in? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.

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In the kitchen, a center island topped with marble contrasts nicely with the wall of black cabinetry and appliances. Antique schoolhouse lamps hang from the ceiling over the island, adding a nice focal point to the space.

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Modernity and character were infused into this home through the designer’s collection of white porcelain, which is displayed in a grouping on the wall as well as on open shelves in the kitchen.

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In the master bathroom, marble floors and walls adds a touch of glamour with twin pedestal sinks. The bathtub is original to the home (given a new enamel and fittings imported from Europe), sitting on an angle to provide the bather with a view out through the window.

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Photos: Courtesy of Stephane Chamard

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