Beautifully renovated Texan farmhouse captures the imagination

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This farmhouse style home was originally constructed as a spec house in the mid 1990s, recently renovated by Dillon Kyle Architects, located in Houston, Texas. The two-story home is nestled into a neighborhood where there is mainly one-story 1950s houses. The scope of this project entailed updating and reconfiguring the interiors into a brilliant design scheme to cater to the homeowner’s lifestyle.

The architects masterfully reconstructed the kitchen to showcase more simple, clean lines. They also added a much needed mudroom into the home. To find this space they converted a three-car garage into a two-car garage. They relocated the powder bathroom to create a more harmonious flow. A newly designed, open plan kitchen is the heart of the home for this family. It is now fresh and bright, “with new proportions and a clearly defined shape mimicking those of the rest of the renovated house,” states the architects.

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Above: The doors were custom produced for this residence. The architects stated that they will typically source Portella windows and doors for their projects.

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What We Love: This stunning renovated farmhouse features bright and airy interiors with eye-catching updates. We especially love the new design of the kitchen, with the curved ceiling… and those pendant lights! The wood flooring has been meticulously preserved, adding warmth throughout the home.

Readers, what are your thoughts? Are there any design features in this home that catches your eye? Please let us know in the comments below, we love reading your feedback!

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Above: According to the architects, “the renovation project required that the flooring to specified to match the existing flooring in the house. Through a process of mixing and matching stain and using pieces of the existing floor, the contractor was able to complete a beautiful product.” The opening on the right side of the kitchen leads conveniently into a butler’s pantry.

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Above: The spacious kitchen is approximately 26′ x 14′. A beautiful island features a turquoise hued paint mixed with a beautiful butcher block countertop. The island itself measures roughly 14′ x 5′. The steel windows were locally custom fabricated for this project. Notice the curved ceiling? “It demarcates this space relative to the living area, creating definition without separation,” states the architects.

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Above: The eye-catching light fixtures above the island were part of the homeowner’s collection. They requested that they be incorporated into the design of their renovation.

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Above: A well designed butler’s pantry is just off of the kitchen.

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Above: The original fireplace in the living room was hard to arrange furnishings around. So it was removed and a brand new one was created in it’s stead.

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Above: In the powder bathroom, a custom designed concrete sink was fabricated by a local craftsman.

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Photos: Courtesy of Dillon Kyle Architects

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You couldn’t walk around naked in that house with that front door!