A Texan farmhouse style home gets infused with casual elegance

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A beautiful farmhouse style home blends a sense of old and new, transformed for a family of six by Dillon Kyle Architecture, located in Houston, Texas. The inviting home features comfortable design and elegant features, beginning with the pergola-covered porch on the front exterior facade. The home holds a sense of history, with reclaimed brick flooring from a previous ranch home that was on the site, belonging to the homeowner’s grandmother. The exterior facade features an Artisan siding that has a thicker profile, adding dimension to the structure. Complementing the new facade, the architect added a new brick chimney and columns that were also salvaged from the previous home. The same vertically applied poplar siding from the exterior has been repeating in the bright and airy interior, designed to accommodate the active lifestyle of the young family. Neutral shades of taupe, gray and white adds a modern aesthetic to the interiors, contrasting with the rusticity of the wood and brick flooring. A carefully thought out floor plan allows spaces to flow easily from one to the next. The main living area features three sets of french doors that creates a pleasing visual connection to the outdoors. An open connection between the interior rooms not only creates a sense of togetherness but also a feeling of spaciousness.

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What We Love: The fresh, clean lines and casual elegance of this home is nothing short of spectacular. We feel very inspired by the current farmhouse style trends that we are seeing. The aesthetic is an updated country style that reflects the homeowners desires to create family spaces that are both nostalgic and current.

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The kitchen was designed to meet the homeowner’s needs, who wanted a layout that functions just as she needs it to when she is cooking. The kitchen is situated where many of the rooms in the house meet, so it was designed like a spacious hallway, making traffic flow through here effortlessly. A table in the center takes the place of a traditional island, where the family likes to informally gather for eating.

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Large barn doors creates a transition between the kitchen and living area. They are a nod to farmhouse style and offers the family an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds, open and spacious, or closed for a more intimate ambiance.

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Photos: Courtesy of Dillon Kyle Architects



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