Luxury Mediterranean lifestyle offered in an Ibizan sanctuary

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This luxurious home in Ibiza, Spain offers peace and balance throughout its living spaces, whose design reflects the personality of its owner, designer Peter Schmidt. The homeowner is considered in some circles as “the Godfather” of German designers. His work entails set designer, graphic and industrial creator and an expert in packaging. Some of his work can be found in perfume bottles, with classics found in the exhibits at MoMA in New York. The home is a haven of relaxation, where the color of the Ibizan landscape merges with the clean lines of the dreamy interiors.

There is a continuous relationship with the beauty that is reflected in every space of the house, designed in detail by the designer. The designer had discovered this place through friends. At the time, he had already had a vacation residence in Florida and was in the process of constructing another one in Mallorca. However, there was a tempting lure of peace radiating from this property situated on a mountainside. Offering fresh air, a green landscape and five minutes from the sea—very irresistible. All an escape from the designer’s hectic life in Hamburg.

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In the large plot there was only one building, a house with a flat roof and whitewashed walls, the purest Ibizan style. The designer expanded the home with additional rooms. The result is a luxurious two-storey house now occupied by the master bedroom suite on the first level and a large living room, kitchen and dining room on the ground level. At this level, guest area was created, completely independent of the main residence. The designer needed this space to entertain friends and needed the right environment for it.

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The reform also created various outdoor spaces: a verdant garden, swimming pool and a large terrace surrounding the house. A second structure was created for a study and “think tank”. The designer goes here to work or rest when the main house is too crowded. A simple vegetation invades all areas and sneaks in through large panoramic windows. In the designer’s home in Hamburg he has many house plants. So in this home, he enjoys seeing them through the windows. He also selected each of the species, including an ancient olive tree brought from Andalusia and that adds even more beauty to this area.

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Project Ideas: Open the house to the outside. On the rear facade, facing the valley, large doors and windows to enter into the landscape opened. Furthermore, these holes help in a natural way to regulate the temperature inside. Create subtle contrasts throughout. The white color is omnipresent but not monotone. Almost all the furniture has been designed by Peter Schmidt, who has a very refined style: straight lines and neutral colors extolling a decorative approach, offering luxurious living.

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What We Love: Besides the homes ideal location in Ibiza, this is the perfect vacation retreat. With clean lines, low-maintanance materials and finishes and beautiful scenery. The swimming pool looks ultra-enticing and being located in the mountains would be breathtaking. Minutes from the ocean is also a great selling point for a vacation getaway, count us in!

Readers, what are your thoughts, would Ibiza be your ideal vacation home getaway?

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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