Holiday-inspiring Ibiza house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

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The refuge of an American, the renovation of this holiday home by interiors studio Melian Randolph features optimism, freshness and naturalness on the island of Ibiza, Spain. The premise was to give new life to a home built in the 90s by architects Planas & Torres. The homeowner is a bachelor, sportsman and an avid art collector, looking for a vacation home inspired by the Villa Tugendhat by Mies van der Rohe. More about the homeowner: a lover of rock climbing, resident in the USA, in love with Ibiza and friend of interior designer Victoria Melian.

The designer was in charge of the reform of this happy discovery overlooking the Mediterranean, another of the homeowner’s many passions. The plan: be as least invasive as possible and not alter the rationalist architecture of the original architect. The designer worked in collaboration with KMO Architects. We have featured another collaboration by the duo here: Gorgeous pool house in France bursting with refreshing color.

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This holiday home features a strong indoor-outdoor connection, with the main living spaces opening out to the Mediterranean. An expansive negative edge pool adds to the outdoor landscape, which is filled with lush, tropical plantings. The house itself is divided into two volumes: the common areas that are transparent and clear, in constant communication with the outside through invisible walls. The private zones are sheltered on the other side, more opaque and compact. The interiors feature all the modern day conveniences with the kitchen and bathrooms completely updated, plus the addition of a gym. The overall aesthetics feature bright pops of color, sound design pieces and works of contemporary photography, another passion of the owner.

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What We Love: This beautiful holiday home has it all, amazing view, fabulous swimming pool and relaxing indoor-outdoor living spaces. There is a great flow in this home, with a soothing color palette and a tranquil vibe. Barefoot casual is abound and we are loving it, when can we come visit? How about you, would this be your dream vacation home?

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Fun Fact: To alleviate the Ibizan bright light and add warmth, the wall that runs from the entrance hall to the opposite end of the house is painted in a light gray anthracite. A plus: divinely framed art collection.

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Photos: Courtesy of Melián Randolph

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