Bookshelf rehab: 33 Amazing ways to add color coordinated books

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An ordinary bookcase can be completely transformed into a rainbow of color when you have coordinated books arranged by hue, creating a magnetic appeal. Have a look through your collection in a new light, see what you might be able to do to re-work it to make it more attractive. Your bookshelves can be the focal point your a space when colors are grouped together. If you have white walls, it can really create a dramatic center point, just as in the image above. Adding the colorful books will help to infuse some color into your space.

You can also switch out the books for more or less color, depending on your visual interest. It may take you all day just to get the color order just perfect, but it could take just as long to find a book you have been looking for if your collection is vast enough. When taking time to reorganize your collection, you will more than likely rediscover some gems you have been meaning to read for ages. If you don’t have a collection of books, or enough books with colorful spines, then you need to go book scouring!

Find many different ways to make your bookshelf a colourful focal point with our collection that we have put together for you. We hope you find some great inspiration. Enjoy!

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Readers: What are your thoughts, do you think book color coordinating is a trend that is here to stay? Do you like the look and would you do it in your own home? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!

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Above: This traditional living room features a custom built-in shelving unit with color coordinated books to create a stylish aesthetic. The designer has grounded the space by using neutral furnishings, paired with pops of color… in books!

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Above: Books have been color coded and placed on the shelf according to their spine color, instantly transforming a once messy bookshelf into a work of art. With a dark gray background, the bright blocks of color really stand out. If books aren’t your passion, or you decide you want a new look, you could do the same visual affect with artifacts or ornaments. Grouping collections of vases in hues of reds, blues, etc.

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Above: A designer’s own mid-century styled home in San Diego, California.

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Above: An industrial bookshelf gets a colorful book makeover… and is accented from behind with a fresh coat of gray paint.

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Above: Color coordinating your books can be a fun challenge and a big project… with the payoff being a colorful one!

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Above: Your color coordinated bookshelves can be on display anywhere in your home, including your dining room.

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Above: There is a lot going on in the space above, a floral fabric on the settee, green and white animal-inspired print on the window treatments and an animal print area rug. An every eclectic look that has been made even more so with the addition of colorful books and a yellow table. So many elements going on in this space, but they seem to work really well together in this Lake Forest, Illinois showcase house.

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Above: The color-coded bookcase creates an eye-catching rainbow effect. Not only did the designer group books together with spines in the same tonal range, notice the positioning. Some sets are stacked, while others are left standing, a simple aesthetic that is visually effective in a pared-down scheme.

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Above: Coordinated books can be just as magical in a home office, even  your binders and magazines can be color matched.

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Above: Coordinated books create a colorful wall of art behind this elongated glass dining table.

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