A fascinating modern concrete house on Wategos Beach, Australia

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This two-story, modern concrete house was designed by Zaher Architects, located on Wategos Beach, in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia. This was a dream home designed for a couple always wanting to live by the beach. Built for a couple of empty nesters whose children come home to visit often. The home was given a client brief to create two individual living spaces for parents and their visiting children. The design and materials also needed to address and withstand the harsh climate and marine environment with little maintenance.

The architects solved this challenge by integrating concrete, stone and hardwood throughout the home, both on the interiors and exterior. The form of the structure is a folded “S” shape, using its turns and folds to create two living environments over two levels. Firmly rooted on its site, this modern dwelling features an overarching concrete form that envelopes the entire facade. The 3,767 square foot (350 square meters) home features walls of glass that opens out to the views and beach.

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The home not only needed to be stylish, but also be comfortable and enjoyable to live in. Both the design of the exterior and interior feature clean lines that beautifully compliments its natural surroundings. An existing small brick home originally sat on this site, it underwent a demolition to make way for this new dream pad. The end result is a timeless, modern piece of architecture.

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What We Love: Each area of this modern concrete house was carefully planned to maximize space and sweeping views of Wategos Beach. The interior layout was developed to increase natural sea breezes to flow through, keeping its occupants cool during warmer temperatures. What are your thoughts, would this be your dream home?

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Furniture Sources Above: Vela Velina Chair Accademia by Studio Hannes Wettstein (chairs that go with the dining table).

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Furniture Sources Above: In the living room: Ray Sofa from B&B Italia, Frank Side Table from B&B Italia. In the kitchen:Vela Counterstool Accademia by Studio Hannes Wettstein, Aplomb suspension lamps. The dining room: Raimond suspension lamp by Moooi, Papilio dining chair and Eileen dining table both by B&B Italia.

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Furniture Sources Above: Raimond suspension lamp by Moooi, Vela Chair Accademia by Studio Hannes Wettstein and Eileen Large Table by B&B Italia. Decorating the table is the Eames House Bird. Just $340 for this decorative little bird!

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An upper level deck off the open plan living, kitchen and dining area is where the homeowners like to enjoy their breakfast after a morning dip in the pool or ocean and a relaxing walk on the beach.

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Timber acoustic panels in the open plan kitchen/dining/living area adds warmth to the space.

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One of the biggest splurges in the home is the concrete flooring found throughout. It was polished with a specialized finish and is low-maintenance.

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The outdoor chaise lounges pictured above: Mirto Chaise – White by B&B Italia. In between the lounges is the Mirto Low Side Table – Painted by B&B Italia.

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Sustainable Features: Reclaimed timber where possible and a 20,000-litre water tank under the house. This supplies both the house and garden. Low-emission windows to keep the home well insulated, which means warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is also a 10-kilowatt photovoltaic system on the roof to take advantage of all the fantastic sun that Australia gets. It provides enough power for the whole home, not to mention the homeowner’s electric car.

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Photos: Michael Nicholson

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