Dreamy beach house offers relaxed living off Australian coast

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This serene beach house was designed by interior designer Karen Akers, located on Avoca Beach, a coastal suburb of the Central Coast region of New South Wales, Australia. The interiors encompass a soft color palette, evoking the essence of its natural surroundings, with hues of sand and stone with washed out pastels and lovely variations of white. As you look around you will notice the spaces feature clean lines and bespoke cabinetry and furniture pieces. In the living room, the fireplace is the centerpoint of the room, comprised of brick that has has been whitewashed. Beadboard walls on either side of the fireplace are a typical design feature in beach homes. Wooden sofas with plush cushions and pillows offers comfortable and casual places to sit and relax, while a Moroccan pouff sits in the middle as an alternative to the typical coffee table. Expansive windows lets the sunshine in and captures the views out to the sandy beach and beyond to the lapping of the ocean waves. Have a look at one of this designer’s other beach house tours, Casually elegant Aussie beach house offers a weekend escape.

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Throughout the interiors, the decor reflects ethnic nuances and a relaxed elegance that makes this beachside home very livable and so stylish! If you feel like you could see yourself living in this wonderful beach abode, you are in luck! As this home is also available as a vacation rental, please email the designer for further information, here.

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What We Love: The dreamy ocean inspired hues that are seen throughout the interiors creates a very relaxing and tranquil feeling that makes this beach home the perfect vacation retreat, even if just for a week …or we can all just have a visual dream about lounging on the living room sofa and imagine hearing ocean waves crashing on the shore! Sounds wonderful… what do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Photos: Courtesy of Karen Akers

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