Casually elegant Aussie beach house offers a weekend escape

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This refined yet casual beach house was designed as a holiday home by designer Karen Akers, located on Gerroa Beach, a coastal town in New South Wales, Australia. An old style bungalow, the abode is aptly positioned right on the beach, re-designed to meet the lifestyle needs of a young family. The interiors were infused with a soothing palette of colors, materials and textures, creating a coastal oasis. The home’s history is interesting, it was once an bowling club house, with its previous owners having it transported to its current site and transformed into a residential property. The configuration was in need of an update so that the home could be used for entertainment for weekend guests. The kitchen was completely redone, an en-suite was added and an original bathroom was updated. The original flooring was replaced and interior doors were moved in order to enable a better flow throughout the spaces. Additional space needs to the current house required that new decks were added to both the front and back of the dwelling. This enabled private zones for both relaxation and entertaining. The back of the property faces the beach, so a swing was added, allowing for a cozy nook to enjoy the soothing ocean views.

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Since the home is positioned on a beach site, natural finishes were selected as much as possible. The majority of the materials that are original to the home was re-purposed wherever possible in the new design. As an example, the timber flooring you see on the flooring has been salvaged, which creates a warm and cozy aesthetic to the space as well as a link to the past. This home was a recipient of the 2013 Sydney Design Awards!

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What We Love: A classic beach house design that is not only timeless but has an effortless beauty that one can really appreciate when taking the time to relax and enjoy their home. As a vacation home, everything has its purpose and place, clean and simple, you can come here and enjoy what this home and its surroundings has to offer. What do you find intriguing about this project? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Photos: Thomas Dalhoff

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