Stunning contemporary beach house retreat with Atlantic Ocean views

Designed by Bruce Palmer Interior Design, this stunning four-story beach house retreat is situated along Bethany Beach, Delaware, boasting panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Taking four-and-a-half years to complete, this property’s end result is used for relaxing on weekends and holidays. The exterior incorporates harlequin pattern shingles with a subdued flared out shingle. Custom transoms frame the ocean views and create picturesque moments at sunrise and sunset.

Upon entrance to the home one is greeted with a custom splayed door, wooden textured columns, stone flooring and amendoim wood. A horizontal board was placed from floor to ceiling to give added texture and dimension. Off to the right is a wet bar that artistically displays a hand carved wooden underwater seascape scene. The doors complement this idea with rippled glass suggesting wave like motions. Exotic veneers were incorporated into cabinets, walls and furniture and curb less showers showcase natural stone with all the latest plumbing fixtures.

Commissioned artwork was ordered from Italy, along with antiques from all over the world. Plus, artisans were gathered to create Venetian plaster, generate wave-like agate stone walls and trim, and construct antiques to house vanity sinks and design lighting fixtures to fit the scale of each room.

The kitchen and dining room have a mixture of stone and wood set on a diagonal pattern. The Blue Bahia countertops in the kitchen impersonate the deep blue color of the nearby ocean.

The powder room has many features that include a stain glass window featuring seashells and textured glass. The vanity was wire brushed and then lime washed to convey tones of aged driftwood.

The ceilings have been treated with bead board, reminiscent of an old beach cottage.

Stepping out onto the exterior deck made of Massaranduba wood, you will find an oasis complete with a unique barbecue area, lighted pergola, and countertop seating overlooking the shoreline.

By installing a cable railing, the ocean views appear to be unobstructed.


Custom casing were created to hide and house motorized shades.



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How can you have so much money and so bad taste… ?

I especially think of the bathroom with fishes on walls, marble, little squares on the floor… how ugly and disturbing for eyes ! And in the living room circles with dots with squares with motives… No matching between the colors, the motives, the materials… Too much is too bad.

And a sun mirror above the bed, like in every bedroom in America, as it seems from the blogs I’m looking at… (but good point for the blue seats in front of the windows and the blue see).

Anne Edwards

Nice article but, there is no place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that looks out on the Atlantic Ocean.


@JUB when you have so much money you dont need to worry about such things as TASTE. You buy and do what you want and say to hell with the rest of the world. The rich, and I mean the “rich” never never never try to inpress anyone. Why would they do that? They dont need to?


I agree. The exterior is beautiful, but the interior design is hideous. I would like to see the floor plan.