Stunning Bohemian style apartment in Barcelona

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This refreshing Bohemian style apartment renovation features modern updates with preserved historical elements by architecture studio Serrat-Tort, located in Barcelona, Spain. Elements of exposed brick walls, arches, woodwork and historical pieces come together to create a beautiful living space. The project encompassed the demolition of all walls except for the structural supports so that the new homeowners could start from scratch. The removal of walls helped to create wide open spaces and a nice flow from one area to the next. Due to several prior reforms, the home had lost most of its original features, but the architects tried to preserve what little remained. This included a large fireplace next to the dining room, providing a beautiful focal point to the space. Additional preserved features encompassed the herringbone oak parquet flooring in the lounge, which was restored and glazed white; some of the moldings and joinery. All of these details lends character and are enriched with the walls, which were left in brick, as were the Catalan vaulted ceilings.

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The architects created a distribution of space appropriately, placing the laundry, pantry and bathroom in the interior spaces, while on the main facade, with less light during the day, the bedrooms were placed, reserving for the living room, kitchen and the terraces at the rear of the home where it is much brighter. The color scheme is characterized by white floors, walls and part of the furniture, with touches of contrasting anthracite gray and natural wood. As a complement, the interior decoration sought a carefree bohemian air. The end result is a simplistic Nordic strength with an industrial look, some vintage nostalgia and a touch of naturalness. A beautiful mix that is refreshing and comfortable with a great aesthetic sense and strong personality.

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What We Love: This Bohemian style home has a lot of wonderful features from the preserved wood flooring to the exposed brick walls, the designers have created a very welcoming home that feels cozy yet spacious. The white floors and walls helps to keep the interiors feeling airy and bright while lots of texture and decor adds personality.

Readers, what are your thoughts, does this style of home appeal to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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