Beautiful architecturally salvaged home in Madrid

Madrid Flat-01-1 Kind Design

An elegant and imaginative collage aesthetic permeates this house spotted on Nuevo Esilo, situated in one of the most dynamic areas of Madrid, the Barrio de Las Letras. With an unbeatable blend, interior designer Marie-Caroline Willms, who runs EMCI. ID Projects has achieved an environment full of creativity and surprising contrasts. The home is located in the cultural axis, the Art triangle, which is a valuable factor to boost the reform of an abandoned home during the last hundred years. But, in addition, the floor itself was a diamond for polishing. But with a legacy, the typical distribution of the century past, of labyrinthine corridors, a kitchen away from the rest of the rooms and electrical wiring at the sight, its great potential is intuited under so much decadence.

The objective was starting from scratch, but respecting the identity of the building: “When I saw the high ceilings with crown molding, self-leveling floor… I got excited with its possibilities”. It was necessary to re-distribute the spaces according to the life of the new occupants. The designer restored the original framework, with beams and pillars of wood, and brick walls that were left exposed. The floor became a loft with environments by original combinations, which highlights a subtle elegance and a chic Bohemian flair. The house is a suggestive compilation of trends, well-seasoned with powerful notes of humor, classic refinements, unique accent pieces such as a bouquet of flowers made with colorful balloons in the living room and antiques.

Madrid Flat-02-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-03-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-04-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-05-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-06-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-07-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-08-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-09-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-10-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-11-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-12-1 Kind Design

Madrid Flat-13-1 Kind Design



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