46 Amazing tiny bedrooms you’ll dream of sleeping in

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It was some time ago that we posted an article on small bedrooms and we felt is was time to put together a fresh version, with tiny bedrooms that are well-suited for those who live in small apartments, lofts or a compact house. Maybe you are looking to design a guest room but do not have a lot of space, one of these tiny bedrooms should fit perfectly into your design scheme! When designing for a small bedroom, it is important to focus on function, adding only what is necessary to that your space does not become cluttered with stuff. Built-in furniture is ideal, but can be pricey, so if you are on a budget, you can look at DIY projects such as wood clad headboards, installing pipes, rods or decorative hooks on your wall for clothes storage, using crates for your bed frame, and putting up shelves for decor and books.

In the image above, a pallet that was originally used for concrete was turned into a headboard. After sanding it to smooth out the wood and get the concrete off, it was primed and two coats of a gray stain were applied for a bleached, rustic aesthetic.

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Lighting is essential to a small space, whether hanging it from the ceiling or installing a sconce on the wall that can be plugged into an outlet. Don’t forget to consider mirrors, they help to make a small space feel bigger and if they are placed close to a window, they help to reflect light through a space, making it feel light and airy. A fresh coat of paint, wallpaper or even wall decals can add some freshness to your bedroom scheme. Get creative in your small space, if you elect to use wallpaper, cover all your walls to bring some life into the room. When it comes to paint, be sure to stick with lighter colors, as darker hues recede and make an already small space feel even smaller. However, if you have a windowless or dark room that you are designing for, the use of white can appear more dull and gray. In this case, you should opt for going with a darker shade to give the appearance of a bold, moody or even a quirky look.

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Custom built for this space, this bed features a pull-out mattress beneath for a second child or an overnight guest. The headboard has an enclosure which can be pulled down to reveal a tidy little desk and some extra storage space.

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In the image above, the lofted bed has been fully customized to fit the space. A small studio condo of just 350 square feet, there is not much room, so everything had to be planned very carefully to be fully functional. The other side of this space includes a tiny clothes closet and laundry.

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This space looks perfect for a guest bedroom, with a soothing wallcovering sourced from Vescom and a bespoke antiqued mirror above the bed, helping to create an illusion of space and reflect light.

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Some clever re-arranging turned this tiny bedroom feature above into what was once just large enough for one twin bed into a cozy bunk room built for two!

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No headboard, no problem! Just use black tape to create your own unique design to create an eye-catching focal point to your small bedroom.

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If you are in need of additional clothes storage space in your small bedroom, try a bed such as this Ikea one that provides storage underneath. This is perfect for storing seasonal clothing that you don’t need to be accessible all year round. You can even store extra pillows, linens and even towels in here.

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A home office and bedroom all in one! This clever custom built-in conception features a pull-out bed underneath a platform.

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An alcove bed allows for some additional space in this small bedroom. Looks cozy doesn’t it?

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Tell us: Have you done something clever with your tiny bedroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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4 years ago

Bellissime camere da letto.

past tense
4 years ago

some of these bedrooms are really tight spaces…i *definitely* don’t “dream” of sleeping in some of these bedroom layouts.

1 year ago
Reply to  past tense

Unfortunately many of us do not have a choice. I live in Toronto Canada where people are renting out bedrooms for a thousand dollars a mth. I pay 1000. for a basement room plus kitchen and consider myself lucky to have found it. The bedroom is so tiny only a twin bed fits. I really appreciate the person who took the time to post these ideas.

Silvia Giebitz
4 months ago
Reply to  past tense

If you have the resources you can choose.Many people today sleep under a bridge in a tent. We do with what we have….