Modern Brazilian home embraces transparency and nature

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The architects of Studio Arthur Casas have wowed us once again with another one of their breathtaking modern residential projects, situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The home was original constructed in the 1980s by Italian-Brazilian architect Ugo di Pace and was in need of a major renovation. The clients have grown children who have moved out of the home, so they needed to re-create their space to meet their personalized lifestyle needs. Their goal was to create more functionality in their home and better integration between spaces for empty nesters. The structure is positioned on a narrow and deep lot, where the volume takes up almost all of the surface area. Openings have been punctuated into the home to help create a seamless connection between indoors and out. This helps to give the inhabitants views of the lush garden, help extend the living spaces, draw in light and create natural ventilation. The client has a busy social calendar, so close attention was given to the re-design of the main living spaces for hosting gatherings with family and friends.

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The entryway into the home features a circular skylight that floods the space with natural light, while a canopy of leafy green plants can be seen at the end of the foyer. The first thing you notice is the spectacular wood staircase that has been designed like a piece of art, appearing to float due to its cantilevered form. The lower level encompasses the kitchen and service areas at the street side of the home, while the living and dining room face out towards the rear of the property. The swimming pool was increased in scale to 20 meters, running along the side of the glass enclosed living room wall.

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What We Love: How the renovation of this spectacular home reveals a refreshing atmosphere for its inhabitants who have lived here for a good part of their lives. Its design is functional and simple, updated to meet the current lifestyle needs of its occupants, while at the same time blurring the lines between indoors and out. Natural light has been increased through extended openings and skylights, greenery has been introduced as part of the design… there is just so much to love about this home! What do you think?

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The living room features a dramatic floor-to-ceiling cylindrical column that holds a hearth. The interior spaces have been designed to flow harmoniously from one to the next, creating a simplified living experience.

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The staircase was part of the original concept, comprised of a dark Brazilian teak, contrasting beautifully with the light tones of the interiors scheme.

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Upstairs is a fitness room that is used a lot by the homeowners plays double duty as a corridor, allowing access to the master bedroom suite. A large skylight seems to dominate this space, flooding it with natural light. The architects designed his/hers bathrooms and closets for the couple so they could have privacy and increased efficiency. The guestroom was also newly renovated, offering views out to a small courtyard. Any spaces that are enclosed without windows have natural light provided through solar tubes.

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Travertine marble is used for the flooring throughout the main living spaces, while the upstairs, more private areas of the home feature American Oak (which is also seen in the millwork).

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Openings to the outside were extended and glass doors were incorporated into the design in order to draw in the nature of the vertical gardens that surrounds the home. If you notice inside the swimming pool, there is a bench built on one side to help conceal the lighting.

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A pergola comprised of travertine marble was designed by the architects to protect the space from the elements while enjoying outdoor dining.

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Photos: Ricardo Labougle

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