Fabulous multi-level Victorian townhouse renovation in London

Transitional Home Design-Leivars-01-1 Kindesign

This classic Victorian townhouse was renovated for a family of four by interiors studio Leivars, located in Wimbledon, a district of southwest London, England. The goal of the project was the retrofit the home to meet the needs of a modern family, all the while preserving its Victorian facade. The renovation went beyond just preservation. During the work, a hidden bay window came to light and was re-built. This worked in quite well with the desire of the family to increase the natural light. The second request was for additional space through careful enhancements. A roof terrace was designed with lots of potted plants and a partly glazed bottom to help filter natural light into the floor below. Wherever possible, walls were either removed or passageways were increased and folding doors were added so space can be closed off when needed. An open floor plan with Douglas Fir wood flooring helps to create nice transitions between the various spaces. The designer created several custom designed pieces of furniture that can be seen throughout the interiors, infusing character into the rooms. Just an FYI, the stunning chandelier you see in the home library is called “Arctic Pear”, sourced from here.

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Some nine months later, a home had become a house. Bespoke fittings gives the house personality. The designer created a stylish synthesis of between the adult areas and the play areas for the two sons. The home reflects a customized interior that fits with its unique urban environment and the people that inhabit it.

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What We Love: This semi-detached property features a transitional design scheme that is anything but boring, with pops of color and stylish furnishings, materials and finishes. There is a lot of character and charm that was preserved in the architecture of this home, the designer helped to bring this out further in the interior styling, adding layers and texture. What are your thoughts on the interior design of this Victorian townhouse renovation?

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What looks like a pool of water is a skylight that directs the sun from the roof terrace into the living area below.

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Photos: Courtesy of Leivars

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