Boston brownstone with an historical past gets an inviting update

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Built in the 1800’s, this brownstone in Boston, Massachusetts has played host as both a commercial and residential property, recently transformed into a sophisticated urban flat by Siemasko + Verbridge. The project involved renovating living spaces, the kitchen, four bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and a private rooftop deck. The layout was re-configured into a cohesive floor plan that would enhance natural light and maximize space usage. The roof deck stairs were located in the dining room and were not able to be re-located. Instead the architects decided to turn them into a focal point, creating a sculptural spiral staircase of walnut and glass. The staircase now brings a tasteful modern edge to the classic dining space, not to mention great design aesthetics! Inspired by the home’s past, an office and library were created, accessible through two arched doorways that reflects the architecture from the buildings beginnings.

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The architects worked hard to be very detail-oriented, mixing the past with the present to create functional living spaces without compromising on the home’s historical charm. The finished result is a timeless and welcoming family-friendly abode that pays homage to its historical roots.

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What We Love: A classy and elegant design scheme that feels bright and airy, with inviting furnishings and beautiful textures and materials. We love the historical background of this home, adding character and charm to the space… and we especially love the spiral staircase in the dining room, the mix of wood and glass is visually striking! How about you, what do you find most appealing about the design of this Boston brownstone?

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In the image above you will notice a copper clad door that is original to the home, concealing a private elevator. The dining room does not have any windows, so the architects created a solution of punctuating the ceiling with a large skylight to help illuminate the space with natural light.

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In the family room, historically appropriate pyramid skylights have been reconstructed, installing shades to automatically close when the television is lowered from the ceiling.

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The home office/library is characterized by wooden desks at opposing sides of the room,  muted artwork, and beautiful walnut flooring. Comfortable reading chairs have been arranged around a marble fireplace, creating a warm and intimate aesthetic, perfect for working!

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Arched windows in the bedrooms help to conceal blinds that are operated with an iPad.

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Photos: Michael Lee

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