Attic home in Madrid brimming with personality and character

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This attic home filled with personality and character is located in an historic building, which in the past was a convent, now the home of interior designer Gabriel Asdrubal, located in Madrid, Spain. The architect Ignacio Aguado Ortego was responsible for the structural advice in the initial phase of the project. The interiors are characterized by sloping ceilings, exposed beams, exposed brick walls and living environments at different levels to help delimit and build character. The interiors were transformed to be functional and warm, where balance and proportion were keys to the formal beauty of this home. Upon entrance, you are welcomed by soaring ceilings in the open plan living, dining room and kitchen. Raised public areas open to one another, like a loft, in a continuous search of spaciousness. The homeowner likes his guests to feel at home, with complete privacy and independence. There are three bedrooms in total, in addition to the master bedroom, the apartment has a double bedroom with a dressing room and mezzanine as well as a multipurpose room for guests or an extra space to relax and read.

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The interior design of this attic home features color, elegance and warmth, all harmoniously fused together. The use of materials is a constant in the house: polished concrete flooring, ivory-colored paint on the walls, ceilings and arches and industrial details of iron and wood. The idea was to respect the style of the original building, which has been a success. The furnishings feature pieces designed by the architect, mixed with family heirlooms and industrial design icons. Lighting helps to create an inviting atmosphere throughout. The overall effect is an interior with a natural elegance, the result of the alliance between the structural and the decorative.

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What We Love: This attic home is organized on several levels, making it not only visually appealing, but it works well for privacy for the homeowner and their guests. The design is fantastic, how one staircase leads you off to a chill out space that can also be used as a guest room and another staircase leads to a more spacious guest bedroom with a loft. Bright and airy with high ceilings and preserved details, this is one great space to call home! What are your thoughts, could you live here?

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Photos: Mi Casa

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