A light-flooded refuge along the Costa del Sol

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A light-flooded apartment in the town of Arroyo de la Miel along the Costa del Sol, Spain is the home of designer Ana Belen Rodriguez, who made this her personal refuge. Harmony, comfort, and originality are what defines the interior of this home that is surrounded by the warm light of its coastal location. Exuding personality and charm, the interiors are comprised of 1,076 square feet (100 square meters) of living space, distributed in an open plan living room/dining room, kitchen, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and several terraces. The homeowner transformed each space into a personal and characteristic atmosphere, introducing a variety of original pieces. The spaces reflect the personality of her family, passion for travel and design trends. The furnishings were a slow, collected look, but she had a harder time decided on the color selection of the walls. Opting use accent walls that are more bright and intense, contrasting with the original, off-white tones of the home. The colors add depth and makes everything appear more spacious. The spacious living room pictured above opens to an outside courtyard through a large window.

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One of the homeowner’s favorite design solutions was that of the hall decor, which is accented in green and decorated with several ceramic swallows on the ground and a painting on the wall, which rises up as if flying. The intention was to design spaces that respond to the lifestyle of the family and breaking the conventions of static interiors. The furniture is a mix of designs and styles, acquired both in stores and on markets. The accessories are responsible for adding originality to each of the spaces and meet the lifestyle needs of the homeowner: “The home should be a relaxing oasis in every corner.”

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What We Love: How original pieces that have been rescued from shops and markets are mixed with imagination in every corner of this fascinating home. The ethnic style porches are also super cool, cozy spaces to retreat outside and enjoy a nice sunny day!

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Through wood and fibers and colors and prints, the indoor and outdoor environments boast a nice ethnic feel.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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