Seaside home with Moroccan influences in the Basque countryside

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A seaside home was recently renovated with Moroccan style interiors, located in rural Basque, near Biarritz, an elegant coastal town in southwestern France. The home was purchased by a couple living in Paris who were looking for a relaxed haven to unwind on weekends and holidays. The new homeowners were looking for all the things they were missing by living in a big city, light, space and the horizon. Outside, beautiful gardens composed of hydrangeas, lavender and wild grasses creates a welcoming environment to spend time lounging outdoors. On the interiors, light illuminates the spaces and designer furnishings from the region adds character. A mix of vivid and strong colors infuse the spaces, inspired by Moroccan style and the colors of Basque architecture. All areas of the home boast a special charm, however in the summertime there are two areas which are key, one being the summer kitchen, with a work island that servers as a bar; another is the stunning swimming pool, surrounded by lush flowers and shrubs. Inside, the living room fireplace recreates the best living environment for the coldest of nights. Could you possibly ask for anything more?

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In the interior, choosing the upholstery and curtains, the designers selected an intense red rouge, a hue characteristic of the region, which can also be seen in the architecture of the house. Touring through the spaces you will see materials of skirting pine, stone floors, ceramic or mosaic walls paneled with carved wooden slats.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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