Sculpted house on a small island off the coast

“I respected the existing environment, the house is married to the land and to the sea,” architect Savin Couelle has stated in reference to this incredible home he has designed on the small island of Cavallo, off the coast of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea. Couelle designs his structures to blend in with the landscape, using natural materials and neutral colors as much as possible. This remarkable residence was built into the cove to mesh with its natural environment and to overlook the sea before it. From a particular angle it appears that the home is entirely camouflaged by the surrounding boulders. Via

Archways comprised of granite and cement frame the stunning view from the living area, spilling out onto the beach.

This unique winding staircase leads from the second floor down into the living room. The painted white metal railing leaves a visually abstract statement to the core of the home. There is a wrought iron star in the upstairs window that gives a whimsical touch. Decorating the stair landing is a piece of driftwood and a Moroccan lantern.

A living area on the upstairs level uses simplicity of design with built in furnishings and a few locally made rugs.

A trellis was designed to shade the guest room from the heat of the sun.

The guest room’s terrace was constructed with reclaimed stones.

Photos: Giancarlo Gardin

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