Enchanting Brazilian home blends rustic and modern details

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Casa Bahia is nestled in an attractive setting of lush gardens, designed by architect Daniela Oliveira, the property is sited in Trancoso, a district in Southern Bahia, Brazil. The story of this home began with former journalist André Lattari who managed a hotel project in the charming inland state of Minas Gerais. It was there that he met architect Daniela Oliveira, who he had replace the interior of the hotel. The two worked together on many projects and eventually open an architectural studio in the region called “Village Life”. After living together for six years and spending plenty of time building for others, they decided it was time for them to build their own space in a gated community that André owned property in. It took them almost two years to finalize the construction documents and get the contract. During such time, the couple had made some sophisticated design solutions and made a financial reserve fund for the construction of this 4,725 square foot (439 square meters) home. The couple mixed their origins, with inherited family pieces that you would see in old mining farms to modern references and sustainable solutions. After taking a course in permaculture, André brought in inspiration with a mud wall in the living room. Wooden molds that were used in the preparation of the feature wall then served as the structure to the bathroom that is adjacent to the swimming pool.

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Half of the shingles were re-purposed from demolitions of other properties. An aluminized blanket was used on the overlapping tiles to keep the water from penetrating through and causing a leak in the home. Inspired by local architecture, bay doors were incorporated into the design of the guest houses. The finished result is timeless architecture, mixing of design styles and salvaged materials applied where possible.

We presented another home some time ago here on 1 Kindesign from this same architect and in the same region, take a tour of this rustic home. We love the openness of the home, the indoor-outdoor connection, beautiful wooden floors and that mud feature wall in the living room was a super cool idea! … and the floating stairs adds a nice modern touch. What is your favorite feature of this home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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An outdoor lounge and gourmet kitchen on this spacious deck and a beautiful sparkling pool are just some of the incredible features that this outdoor landscape has to offer.

Photos: Casa Abril

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