House Tour: Chic seaside inspired interiors in Oakville, Ontario

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The seaside style interiors of a 4,000 square foot family home, is home to the owners of popular home decor store, House Warmings in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. When the homeowners originally purchased the property back in 2000, it was only 2,200 square feet, however five years later with a growing family, they soon realized an expansion was in order. The renovation extended the kitchen and added a family room and master bedroom suite. With three teenagers and a dog, the family now enjoys their new living spaces, which has a great indoor-outdoor feel. The home’s location is also very ideal, just three blocks away from Lake Ontario, giving them a small beach house oasis in the big city. As for the decor, owning a home doer store, you would think the homeowners would change up their style with the new trends. Yet the homeowners have very eclectic tastes and don’t like to commit to just one style. Their home does not reflect a showroom type atmosphere, instead, it resonates as a home with stories to tell. On display is everything from treasured antiques from when the couple were just newlyweds to framed artwork their children hand crafted when they were young, its a home furnished with love. This is an important key aspect to the homeowner’s design style, she enjoys decorating from the heart. If she sees an item that she wants to incorporate into her design scheme that speaks to her, she finds a way to make it work.

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