Charming and stylish apartment in Barcelona by Luzio

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This super stylish apartment has been designed by Spanish interior design firm Luzio, located in the district of Turó Park, in Barcelona, Spain. This superb flat features a wonderful distribution of spaces, with a beautiful selection of finishes that creates a unique atmosphere, full of vitality and comfort. The owners are of Swiss descent, with a busy life filled with travel, they fell in love with the charm of this home, where elegance and tranquility go hand in hand. It is close to the financial and commercial area of the city, which was the optimal location for where they wished to live. The apartment featured a solid and functional architectural concept, with high ceilings, large opening, spacious rooms and a timelessly classic appeal of existing materials and finishes, which helped to enhance the reform. A fresh coat of paint and nice selection of decor made this home very inviting and comfortable. Antique furnishings that the owners purchased from Switzerland and England as well as in Barcelona, was incorporated into the design scheme. The designers created clear and welcoming environments, where upholstery and textiles have a specific function, sprinkled with touches of glamor and sophistication, such as the fabulous chandeliers. Exotic objects and details add intriguing contrasts and contemporary paintings and photographs decorate the walls in unusual places.

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Photos: Nuevo Estilo

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