Open plan London flat exhibits fresh industrial design elements

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Nile Street Flat is a fascinating industrial style vacation rental that is located in Shoreditch, an inner city district in the historic East End of London, England, United Kingdom. Nile Street was originally a costume factory back in 1850, with something of its playful spirit still remaining in the home. Eight years ago the property was just a run down shell, but the new owner’s transformed into an extraordinary open plan living space. The home features contemporary furnishings mixing with a cowhide rug, sumptuous art, original floorboards and exposed brickwork. The color palette features an intermingling of creams, browns and whites, from the beautiful floorboards to the wooden furnishings. Industrial pieces of gloss and chrome intermingle with art deco curves, and the kitchen’s sleek finish has also been softened with green plants and a beautiful gilded mirror. There are several bedroom options, a pair of bunk beds in the children’s room, two double bedrooms, a master retreat and an enchanting secret bedroom behind a hidden door.

If you are wishing to stay at this stylish and inviting home, rates run around $692 per night from here.

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