Modernized farmhouse in the Cotswolds

The Didmarton House is a fabulous four bedroom modernized farmhouse located in Cotswolds, England. The owner is acclaimed interior designer Joanna Berryman, who runs the London shop Matrushka who decorated in the Queen of Arts style with flea market treasures, family photos, pops of bright color, pieces by Philippe Starck, and statement-making art. The bedrooms each have their own character, from an attic bedroom with exposed beams and flea market finds to themed rooms of equestrian and Provencal style and a children’s bedroom decorated with bold colors.

The kitchen features a 1920s butcher’s block with undulating wooden curves, a beautiful black and white photograph of the owner and her daughter in Turks & Caicos and modern furnishings mixed with plenty of assorted vintage treasures: framed insects and fungi, antique photographs from Brussels, and bold modern art. All the staples are tucked away in the cupboards.

The living room takes inspiration from the horse-populated fields, opposite the property decorations including a red, retro horse painting and a few equine trinkets and statues dotted around the room. This room is the perfect setting for pre-dinner drinks, or late night cocktails. The nearly two-acre grounds feature landscaped gardens, tennis courts, and a small studio that sleeps an additional two people. Price starts around $2,140 for a week.

The Didmarton House can be rented from here.

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