Sensationally designed home in Singapore

The Sun House was designed by Guz Architects and is a beautiful green home located in Singapore. According to the architects, the residence “is a relatively compact house for Singapore on a roadside corner plot in an established bungalow area. We endeavored to make the most of the site by pushing the main shape of the building to the rear. This then created an open courtyard which was private but with still a feeling of openness on the relatively densely constructed site, thus still allowing for good views and airflow. We used the ponds and pool as cooling elements for the building as well as visual focal points. Volumes and space were maximized as much as possible by sharing the open staircase and double height living space with the courtyard area. At the end of the day the house was also designed around the owner, who had a lovely collection of artwork and sculptures and this inspired the creation of a large solid wall with niches which housed his artworks as well as giving the building an anchor on which to expand other spaces.”

Visit the website of Guz Architects here.

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12 years ago

Singapore is a city-state located on an island. Malaysia is a seperate nation-state located adjacent to Singapore. Therefore, the home is either located in Singapore OR Malaysia (in the appropriate region/city).