Remarkable boutique hotel with stunning coastal views in Spain

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Hotel Iturregi is a luxurious boutique hotel for guests to find peace and tranquility surrounded by nature, located in the town of Getaria, on the Basque coast, Spain. Situated amongst the txakoli vineyards the property features a stunning facade with extensive windows to enjoy the magnificent views of the Getaria lighthouse and beautiful seaside. The interiors of the hotel effortlessly mixes both modern and classic styles. There are eight guest bedrooms in all, with half offering mountain views and the other half offering sea views. To enhance your well-being while staying at this enjoyable hotel, you can also enjoy a premium spa experience in the comfort and privacy of your own room. The exterior of the property seamlessly blends into its surrounding environment. Picturesque scenery can be found wherever you look, which makes this hotel an idyllic vacation, perfect for family and couples wishing to have a memorable experience. There is also a sparkling pool that was built on top of the ruins of the original Iturregi farmhouse, the perfect spot to relax and unwind. With nearby towns of Zarautz and Getaria offering plenty of activities, there is also spectacular hiking just outside your door. With one of the main hiking routes being the Camino de Santiago, which runs very close to this hotel.

To stay at this wonderful vacation retreat, rates run from $252 per night with a two night minimum.

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