Exceptional Aussie terrace house with indoor-outdoor interplay

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This stunning terrace house creates a seamless boundary between indoors and out, designed by Elaine Richardson Architect, located in Alexandria, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. Owned and designed by the architect as a family home with her husband are three children, the home was originally an old cottage that was beyond repair and had to be torn down. Sited on a narrow lot, the interior living space is comprised of 1,776 square feet (165 square meters), with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a central courtyard for privacy. Since the lot was so narrow, light needed to be unfiltered into the spaces as much as possible to create the feeling of spaciousness. The living spaces were designed to be open and airy and clutter-free. The design concept was to create a place that was a tranquil oasis, a place to unwind from the chaotic city life. The exterior facade features natural bluestone, selected for its gorgeous finish and color. The wood elements are comprised of spotted gum timber. Glass bifold doors opens to the interior courtyard, which brings lots of light into the interiors and can be left open to bring fresh in. A small backyard space from the living area features an outdoor kitchen with a bbq and dining area, perfect for extra sitting space when entertaining family and friends.

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Polished concrete was selected for the first floor living spaces, for easy, low-maintanence living and cool on your feet in the warm summer months.

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This is an additional TV room, which is situated just behind the kitchen area. The architect designed her family home to be very flexible, to meet the changing needs of both the adults and kids alike.

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A color palette of soothing hues was selected for the upstairs bedrooms, with linen curtains, lots of built-ins for functionality and wood flooring.

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The architect designed separate bedrooms for each of her three boys, yet since they prefer sleeping in the same room, she turned this spare bedroom into a playroom. A loft bedroom is used as a playhouse but can also play host for when guests come to visit.

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Louvered and bifold doors helps to bring lots of natural light into the upstairs bedrooms, but can also be closed off for privacy.

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Photos: Florian Grohen

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Roberta Godoy
8 years ago

I’d so much love to have the blue print from this house!!!!