Bright and airy beach glam bungalow in Santa Barbara

Beach Glam Bungalow-Lauren Christine Henno-01-1 Kindesign

This light and airy beach glam bungalow is a relaxing family vacation home by interior designer Lauren Christine Henno, located in Santa Barbara, California. The homeowners live in Arizona with their three young children and wanted a casual beach house that they could vacation in with their family. They were looking for a home that has a California coastal vibe feel and this home fit the bill perfectly! The home was in major need of a renovation, being originally dark and very closed off. The designers key objective was to lighten the space and create an airy appeal. The color palette was the jumping off point, selecting fabrics and hues with a be achy aesthetic, with splashes of modern glam. The walls were painted white with a hint of gray to keep the home feeling light. The baseboards and cabinetry where painted a vibrant white, a stark contrast from the original dark hues. The living room area is only 200 square feet, with low ceilings, having a light color palette helped to open the space up and make it more inviting. With airy fabrics and white tones on the walls, it helps create the illusion of spaciousness. With young children, the homeowners needed a space that would be functional and durable. Fitted slipcovers were used on the living room furniture so they could be easily cleaned if anything was spilled.

Beach Glam Bungalow-Lauren Christine Henno-02-1 Kindesign

The homeowners spend most of their time in the living area when they are visiting, with a cozy sectional, it is perfect for family gatherings. The welcoming backyard can be seen from this vantage point, which is perfect if the children are outside playing. The designer’s secret for this small space was using lucite for the coffee table and repeating it for the kitchen island stools. Since the material is see-through, it creates the illusion of openness when space is at a premium. Almost everything was custom designed to fit the home, from the sofas and pillows to the striped rug. In case you were wondering where the white Mongolian pouf on the living room floor comes from, its one of our personal favorite stores, West Elm! We love how it can be moved around anywhere in the space for extra seating. What do you think, do you love this beach style home as much as we do?

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Beach Glam Bungalow-Lauren Christine Henno-03-1 Kindesign

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Photos: Alex Vertikoff

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