Contemporary mountain home in Aspen by Poss Architecture

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Mitchell Residence is a sensationally designed  contemporary mountain home that has been designed by Poss Architecture + Planning, located in rugged Aspen, Colorado. This distinctive home is nestled into a steep wooded site alongside the Little Nell ski run on Aspen Mountain. A central stair and circulation core connects seven different levels within the house at half intervals, four of which have ski-in access.

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With cascading roof forms floating above a solid sandstone foundation, this contemporary home draws on historic references to provide a site specific and dynamic interpretation of traditional mining architecture.

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We pride ourselves in designing homes that are products of understanding our clients’ lifestyle, aesthetic desires and their connection with the property they have selected. This approach has produced a body of work with diverse design concepts, each with the individual signature of the client and our underlying focus on quality of space and detail. The residential portfolio contains three sections of projects that demonstrate the different directions of our design capabilities for signature homes. The custom projects represent a timeless tradition; our modern homes show the creativity and attention to detail that can be expressed with clean lines, and the ranch style projects range from mountain rustic to heavy timber ranch vernacular.

Photos: Pat Sudmeier & David O. Marlow



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