Warm and cozy cottage in Spain

This light filled cottage is nestled in Girona, a city in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain. The main objective of the transformation of both architecture and decoration was undertaken by Lizarriturry Tuneu. To achieve this, two factors were taken into account: the first was the respect the impressive medieval stone facade with balconies of wrought iron and the other was to restore a correct distribution of the rooms inside the old housing, it was fairly chaotic. In any town house the kitchen is the center of the home, something the current owners wanted to maintain at all costs. For this reason, the kitchen was installed on the first floor which is much more luminous than the rest.

The dining room features a glass enclosure that is accessible to a courtyard which gives light, a pleasant view and, above all, outdoor living enjoyment in the months of good weather. The traditional stone walls and wooden beams on the ceiling are still respected throughout. The key piece in the entryway of the cottage is the staircase which has been transferred from another area of the home. The wide stairs gives access to the floor above where the bedrooms and the living room are located. The austerity that dominates the kitchen and the lounge continues to be present in all the rooms, which are much bleaker by their orientation with the small typical windows of medieval architecture. Via

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