Minimalist hillside home in Hungary: Long Brick House

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Long Brick House is a minimalist hillside home built on a budget and designed for book lovers by Földes & Co. Architects, located in Pilisborosjeno, Pest County, Hungary. This 1,483 square foot (137.8 square meters) home can be described as minimalist design meets everlasting intellectual values. The project was initiated by an intellectual couple who had a clear starting point, “we own a length of books something like 100 meters.” The owners of the site had found the best location to retire from work and the noise of Budapest in a rich natural environment, at the side of the Big-Proud Peak.

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Pilisborosjeno, a town some 15 km to North Buda, stretches in between hills surrounded by villas that inhabit the Pilis hillside. The plot is approached from a chain of narrow and steep roads. When arriving at the gate, just the green canopy of trees that shade the site and a minimalist concrete parking lot are visible. Thanks to the sloping garden, the house is hidden behind this rich, welcoming flora and fauna which plays a crucial part of the aesthetic. The owners aim of saving and keeping as much of the original plants and trees as possible has paid dividends.

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Taking into consideration the narrow and long shape of the building site, the way of the sun and the low budget programme, also the age of the couple who are to be retired soon, we advised them to realize a straightforward base plan, where the spaces are linked with a long corridor and public spaces face the panoramic view of the valley. At the same time, to avoid creating under-utilized space we discovered the great potential of the corridor concept. We turned this horizontal axis into a highly beneficial and unique element of the house, a 17 meter long wall of library.’ – remarked the architects, Laszlo Foldes and Peter Sonicz concerning the design concept.

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As approaching the house, a closed brick wall surreptitiously peeps from behind the trees and a staircase down to the base where the sauna and a store room are located. Behind the brick wall, on the ground floor, a master bedroom and a bathroom are situated. If one follows the brick pavement they arrive at the main entrance on the Northeast side, viewing the middle point of the corridor which leads to the public zone on the left hand side and to the private on the right. The latter consists of the working room, bathroom and the bedroom with its own terrace providing a stunning view of the westerly aspect with sunset views over the rolling hills and beyond.

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The inner spaces follow the prolapse of the building site therefore the level of the floor is made continuously deeper via few stairs, enlarging the height (first after leaving the private zone, than when entering the living room, and finally when reaching the garden from the living room’s terrace). This results a variety of spaces, enjoying each case higher ceilings and wider rooms, ending up with the limitless panorama of the terrace.

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The giant bookshelf fulfills more functions than one might expect. Throughout its 17 meters the modular system architects designed opens up, enabling a window to perfectly fit in, and a window seat – thanks to the 50 cm deep walls. In the living room the shelves are united with the fireplace.

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It was our general aim to assure the proper inner climate with architectural means rather than constructing huge machinery. The house has a 50 cm thick brick wall, meeting the heating technological standards and giving sufficient thermal inertia. The ceiling slab is made of wood and the empty, well ventilated attic behaves as a buffer zone optimizing the inner climate. The terrace of the living room plays an important role in the protection against rain or intense sunshine, while it is an extension of the living room as well as an intermediate space between in and out.

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Location: Pilisborosjeno, Pest County, Hungary
Year: Design: 2012 • Completion: 2013
Area/Size: 137,8 m2
Cost: 115 000 EUR
Project by: Foldes Architects
Architects: Laszlo Foldes, Peter Sonicz
Structural engineering: Zoltan V. Nagy
Mechanical engineering: Attila Lucz
Electrical engineering: Judit Balazs
Text: Viktoria Szepvolgyi”

Photos: Levente Sirokai

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