Finding inspiration: Five stunning garden features

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Aside from mowing the lawn or pruning the hedges, the garden is a section of the home that is generally left to its own devices. Many people do not have a striking feature in their garden that really draws the attention of guests, unless you count a new gas grill that the male visitors want to try out for themselves. But it doesn’t need to be like this, and achieving a feature in your garden might actually be easier than you think.

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Of course, it always helps to have a bit of design inspiration, so check out these ideas below. These grand designs can be scaled down to suit the everyday backyard, but if you have the space you can always try to replicate what you see…

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Hot tub gazebo

It is one thing to have a hot tub in your garden, but it is another kettle of fish to have a special home for it. Freestanding hot tubs look great, but it is wonderful to have a structure for it, and some of them are especially nice to look at. Have a look at this one from a company called Arctic Spas – it has a pleasing combination of wood colorings, and the darker shades complement those that are mid toned. As an added extra, there is a 12 foot fold-down bar on the exterior, perfect for hosting a summer party.

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Shaped hedges

If you already have a mature garden, you may have certain hedges and shrubs that could be perfect for a masterpiece. Shaped bushes have fallen in and out of fashion over time, but retro looks always find a way of coming back into the current environment. You will probably want to do a bit of practicing before you take on anything too ambitious, or you could just call in a specialist gardener.

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You often see a bandstand area when walking in a public park, but why not bring one to your very own garden? Whether you have a couple of friends who are into the guitar, or your kids are learning an instrument at school, it can be a great place to get together for a mini concert, especially during the summer months.

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Different levels

A flat garden doesn’t inspire many feelings of pride and love, but the same cannot be said for ones that incorporate different elements and heights. Simple ways of achieving this include a raised decking area, or flower beds that are lifted off the ground. Hanging baskets and light fittings are also ways of incorporating interest at different levels.

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Working from home can be made so much easier when you have a separate area to get stuck in to your tasks. This is why a summerhouse can be ideal, as well as being a point of interest in the garden. There are many shapes and sizes available on the market; it will be up to you to choose one that fits in with the overall theme of your garden, or brings something completely different to the table.

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