45 Fabulous minimalist bedroom design ideas

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There is a true art to creating the perfect minimal, yet warm and visually interesting modern interior, especially for the oasis of the home, the bedroom. It takes skill to create that flawless balance between what is not enough and what is way too much, aka, clutter. You often hear the term “less is more” in design, but it isn’t necessarily about going cheap on your furnishings and accessories, it is about the attaining better design through simplicity. It is about how you can get the most impact through careful editing and restraint. The less is more theory is more about how the eye visualizes a space, which is all a personal preference.

Most people forget when designing a space to add personality through texture, color, materials and patterns when attempting to add less to a space, which ultimately gives the room an unfinished appearance. It is also about harmonizing a space and creating a perfect balance of leaving certain spaces in a room void of furnishings and accessories. The key to creating the perfect minimal bedroom is to create a serene and uncluttered space, not cold and sterile. Be sure to let objects have some breathing room so they are more appreciated. There is an art to creating spaces that do not have excess, but rather exude warmth and attractiveness. Enjoy the collection of 45 images that we have gathered together for you that perfectly illustrate the “less is more” approach. Be sure to let us know your thoughts, do you think less really is more? Which minimalist bedroom is your favorite, which more inspires you?

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When a room is neutral add some spice and let it stand out, such as these orange chairs that creates a ‘pop’ in the space. The chairs command lots of attention — even in front of this spectacular view.

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Try using restraint in furnishing styles. By using restraint in the bedding and furniture pieces, the interesting ceiling plane, skylight and wood wall cladding really stands out!

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A minimalist bedroom does not have stacks of throw pillows. The two blue hued pillows provides a perfect dash of color. Along with the neutral bedspread and clean lines of the bed, they give a feeling of serenity. This would be a great bedroom for letting your mind clear at the end of the day.

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This bedroom feels completely uncluttered, and each piece of furniture feels more special with all the open space.

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All the wood cladding in this bedroom are extremely tactile surfaces. They need no embellishment.

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The luscious materials in this room are sensual. For both the ottomans and the bedspread, the clean lines assure that the material is what you will notice.

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There isn’t a lot in this bedroom, but each thing is chosen with care. The textures of the bedding and soft throw are so warm and inviting. They beautifully complement the soft neutral colors of the stone fireplace, and it all harmonizes with the beautiful view.

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A little accent goes a long way. The fireplace in this room is such a beautiful piece, adding character and warmth to this minimalist bedroom.

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10 years ago

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