The ultimate kids’ playroom DIY guide

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It’s no secret that all kids treasure and value a space of their own to play and hang out in aside from their bedroom. A separate playroom is key for a child’s development. They need an area that they can call their own, to start learning how to take care of their own space.

Having a playroom is also a good way of keeping your child’s belongings in a contained area. The perfect playroom should be safe and fun, a place where your kids can have fun, alone. This is a short guide that gives you some tips on how to design the playroom by yourself.

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The Layout

Firstly, you need to examine the room you have to decide how you’re going to go about designing it for your kid. If it’s a large room, you may want to consider lining up all the toy boxes and other storage units along the walls, so their toys and video games aren’t lying around all over the house.

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If you find that the storage boxes are too full of toys and video games, you can gather them up and either sell them or donate them to friends or charity. Also, if the room is smaller, use one side of the room for storage, and have the rest of the room open for playing.

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The Furniture

Given that your kid is going to want privacy in the playroom, you should make sure that there aren’t any sharp corners or dangerous surfaces around the room. The seats, tables, and floor should be kid-friendly.

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You should think about purchasing soft furnishings as opposed to wooden or plastic ones, especially if your kids are particularly young.

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 The Theme

This is where the fun begins. Kids love bright colors and inspiring things to look at. If your child has a particular fondness for something, incorporate it into the theme. For instance, if he or she loves dinosaurs, get some dino-wallpaper or a playing mat with dinosaurs on it.

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You can go for something that’s kid-friendly, but you could also go for a contemporary feel that will make adults feel they can hang out there too, without being intrusive.

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 Adults’ Corner

It would be nice to include an ‘adults’ corner’ in the room, so you and your partner can drop in to see how the kids are doing. This can be something simple, like a grown-up size two-seater sofa at the back, where you can sit and watch your kids perform a show-and-tell session, or help them with their homework.

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