Impressive two-story apartment in Cape Town: Clifton View 7

Clifton View 7-01-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7 is a spectacular contemporary property designed by Antoni Associates in Cape Town, South Africa. The scope of the project was to do a gut renovation to the two-story apartment and re-configure the interior layout to further accommodate more spaces in the program, including four bedrooms, en-suite, gym, entertainment cocktail bar, cinema room and wine cellar. The site is perched over dramatic boulders and the Atlantic Ocean and experiences sweeping views of the Clifton beaches as well as the Twelve Apostles mountain range.

Here is a description of the project from the architects, “Access is gained to the apartment on the upper level. The dining room, living room and kitchen are open plan and have direct access to the extensive terrace. The open plan dining area acts as a pivotal focal point between the spiral staircase and the main entertainment space. The success of the space is a culmination of bespoke detailing, unexpected stylistic juxtapositions and dramatic artworks.”

Clifton View 7-02-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-03-1 Kind Design

The pool bar leads onto the swimming pool and spa terrace with uninterrupted views of the seascape. The infinity pool allows the eye to flow from the pool to the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.

Clifton View 7-04-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-05-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-06-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-07-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-08-1 Kind Design

Moving through the apartment is a journey of styles and ideas that all fuse together to make the apartment a tailored and personally nuanced space. This tailored look was achieved by avoiding over use of recognizable brand names; the clients instead were keen to create one off signature pieces through the OKHA Design Studio.

Clifton View 7-09-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-10-1 Kind Design

A feature spiral stair was introduced to link the two levels of the apartment. Feature timber screens extend from the upper level through the upper volume to contain this circulation space.

Clifton View 7-11-1 Kind Design


Clifton View 7-12-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-13-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-14-1 Kind Design

Lighting design is an important feature in any project. Bold and discreet lighting was specified in conjunction to create a powerful ‘wow’ factor and layering of lighting was used to set various moods throughout.

Clifton View 7-15-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-16-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-17-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-18-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-19-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-20-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-21-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-22-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-23-1 Kind Design

Clifton View 7-24-1 Kind Design

Photos: Adam Letch


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