Monastery transformed into charming mountain refuge

Surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the Pyrenees Mountains in Aragon, Spain and at the gates of the Ordesa National Park stands the majestic hotel of Casa de San Martin, a giant Sentinel of thick stone walls originating in the 18th century. The hotel is a former monastery and later a farm house, today has become a dream refuge of purist nature lovers and those who want to get lost between valleys and forests of conifers and forget about technology. The key to both charm and warmth lies in its careful reform, eco-friendly materials and typical elements of Aragonese architecture such as traditional fireplaces and wood slabs.

The spaces are designed to be cozy and comfortable with a warm ambiance despite the stone and strong frosts in the area. There are ten rooms decorated with care in an attractive rustic-chic style and incredible views of the endless mountains. In this place, away from crowds, there is no haste, only long walks, moments of reading and leisure and the enjoyment of nature. An old barn on the property was converted into a warm dining room with fireplace, providing a meticulous and creative cuisine cooked with products from the garden.

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5 years ago

I would love a house like this in a location like this. It is lovely.