Ledgerock Residence with Hudson River views

Perched on the banks of the Hudson River in New York, the Ledgerock Residence is conceived by Lee Ledbetter & Associates as a series of pavilions connected to a central spine whose geometries may at first seem random; however, both the spine and the pavilions follow the topography to occupy the highest elevation between two small coves that flank a rock outcropping. The house is clad in cast stone, and the roofs of each pavilion undulate in naturalistic warps and curves that create dramatic interior spaces while referencing the rugged topography as well as the movement of the river.

Important to the overall design for the site are the experiences of procession and arrival. An entry gate of cast stone and steel will signal the driveway in an otherwise heavily wooded landscape. The drive will first encounter a free-standing guest house whose architectural character previews that of the main house. At the end of the drive, the entry facade can be appreciated as a planar backdrop to the naturalistic setting. Clean stone walls and clerestory windows create a threshold to what can only be appreciated upon entering the house – the panoramic views of the Hudson River and the Catskills through the mostly glass river facades.

Photos: Lee Ledbetter & Associates

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