Spectacular Santa Barbara Hillside House

The Santa Barbara Hillside House is a rebuild and remodel of an existing 1970’s residence by architecture studio Eleven MODERN in collaboration with Lori Smyth Design in Santa Barbara, California. The home was originally built by the homeowner’s father; it has been in the family for three generations. The re-design includes a new structural frame to allow sliding walls of glass opening the interiors onto new outdoor living spaces with a commanding view of the city and ocean. The house has a spa-like ambiance; one feels relaxed and cozy because there are not a lot of knickknacks lying around. The rooms flow into each other and even though you are indoors, you always feel connected to the outdoors with all the openness and windows.

The project also includes a new kitchen design, open floor plan and vaulted ceilings with an expression of the existing 3,990 square foot structure. The project was developed with a new outdoor kitchen and living rooms and included the addition of a pool and landscaping, promoting engagement with the mountainside. The new work, along with all new finishes throughout, results in a modern, warm, clean and fun aesthetic designed to match the personalities and lifestyles of its owners and their young family.

Smyth and her team ripped out the staircase from an enclosed wall and redid it entirely with glass panels which helps to expose the structure.

Split-level steps lead to a formal dining room, where glass windows and non-obscuring balcony rail materials let in ample light.

The clients realized that as the kids got older, they were spending less time at home, so they turned what had been a two-car garage into a game room.

This glossy contemporary kitchen with a walnut island base, white lacquer bartop and a stainless island countertop mixed with the hardwood floors helps to warm up the space.

A wraparound deck and one of two outdoor living rooms give views of the foothills and the Pacific.

The outdoor kitchen and cement fire pit area extend the living spaces to the surrounding topography.

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