Minimalist beach house perched on a cliff in Laguna Beach

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Designed by Mark Singer Architects, this spectacular contemporary beach house project is located along the Pacific Coast Highway, in Laguna Beach, California. This oceanfront property was the last home that the architect had put his stamp on before his untimely passing. It was also markedly his most masterful work of art. As the architect himself had stated that “this is probably the nicest house I have done in the 30 years I’ve been doing it.”

The modernized structure is a beautiful combination of glass, concrete, travertine and cumaru wood. One enters through the upper level of this home, where you are beckoned through the open floorplan to the sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Sliding glass panels disappear into the walls to help blur the boundaries between indoors and out. An expansive outdoor deck offers sun loungers and various other seating areas to enjoy the ocean breezes.

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The minimalist home showcases walls of glass that outlines most of the u-shaped interior on the upper level. This enables the astounding views of the 100-foot ocean frontage that this home enjoys. The flooring was sourced from a quarry in Italy, where it came this three massive blocks. The travertine marbles was cut down to 60 x 18 inch tiles to use throughout the home, keeping the look cohesive.

The walls consist of board form concrete, which gives a highly textured appearance. Another eye-catching element used in this home is fiberglass beams that were substituted for steel (they will not rust). They could not be welded together, so instead they were bolted together, which created an interesting motif. The floorplan consists of 12,000 square feet of living space. This consists of 8,000 square feet of indoor space and 4,000 feet of covered areas around the lower level pool and patio area.

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The 55-by-16-foot heated swimming pool appears to extend right out to the ocean. The home also includes some sustainable features, such as 88 solar panels that generates enough energy to power the entire home, heat the swimming pool and even charge the homeowner’s Model S Tesla.

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What We Love: This stunning beach house offers sleek architecture both inside and out. We love how you can see right through to the ocean upon entry into the home. The strong visual connection through walls of glass helps to feel integrated with the surroundings. Beautiful material elements of concrete and stone adds clean lines and soft texture, helping to not distract from the views of the Pacific Ocean.

Readers, what are your thoughts on this beach house design? Anything you would have done differently? 

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Above: The ceilings are comprised of highly durable cumaru wood, supported by fiberglass beams.

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Above: This clean-lined kitchen was designed by Claude Moritz of Laguna Beach’s Euro Kitchen.

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Photos: Larry Falke

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1 year ago

Beautiful house i am actually borrowing ideas that i will use on the house i am building on a cliff , a masterpiece of architecture

3 years ago

So silly question anyway to get blue prints of some sort i wanna attempt to build this on my sims game 😐