Stylish apartment reform exuding eclectic charm in Barcelona

Barcelona Apartment-Bonba Studio-01-1 Kindesign

This fabulous old apartment showcases eclectic decor and a unique character, given a brilliant reform by the design team at Bonba Studio, located in Barcelona, Spain. Preserving the original structure of the home was the main goal of this renovation project. The home originally had many rooms, so the top priority was to create large spaces that are connected and have a good flow. The result was brighter living environments that still retained their beautiful original structure. A single common area was designed for the homeowners to gather, for relaxation and great conversation. The space is directly connected to the kitchen and dining room. To help visually connect the spaces, the same unique flooring pattern of restored hydraulic tiles travels throughout, as well as identical paint on the walls. The fusion of vintage art pieces and some recycled furniture, along with some pieces designed by Bonba Studio, and others of pure design, creates a unique environment with a wonderful personality.

Barcelona Apartment-Bonba Studio-02-1 Kindesign

After the renovation, the two bedrooms are very spacious, having their own bathroom. These private zones are separated from the rest of the home, accessed down a long hallway. Another brilliant design solution that helped to solve the complicated distribution, is in the master bathroom. It is a long and narrow space with a wall of windows, so the designer selected opaque window treatments to allow natural light to filter through the space while at the same time enabling complete privacy.

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Photos: Mi Casa

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