Ultimate holiday pad in the Brazilian mountains

A house designed for entertainment, House in Itaipava is a home built for entertainment located in the mountainous region of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Surrounded by lush landscaping, natural ponds and mountains, the home has been designed by Brazilian studio Cadas Architecture. The retreat demonstrates a stunning display of multiple open and relaxing leisure spaces with materials of wood, glass, stone and plenty of natural daylight. There are two separate spaces on the property, both mixing modern lines with a cozy interior, typical of the architecture in the region. One of the houses seems to float upon a natural pond which also provides a natural cooling effect. Sliding glass panels open on either side to provide natural cross ventilation through the living area, which eliminates the use of air conditioning, even on hot summer days.

There is a double height spa/relaxation zone with inviting lounge beds situated in front of a high stone fireplace as well as an indoor pool, perfect for get-togethers with family and friends. The other main house is situated higher up on the hill and provides fabulous views of the surrounding landscape. The interior is built as an open concept, with a living area, entertainment area, kitchen and dining room. Upstairs, roughhewn beams form a counterpoint between the undulating textures of natural wood and the machined planks of the wooded flooring and the lattice of basketry forming the ceiling. A large terrace expands out from the house with seating areas to enjoy the views and a built-in fire pit. Via

Photos: Denilson Machado and Decio Daniel

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