Cantabrian House inspired by American modernism

Inspired by American modernism, this Cantabrian House mixes pieces of designer furnishings with works of art that give it character and very special appeal. The residence is reminiscent of the Farnstworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe, Illinois: large windows, large eaves of concrete, clear spaces. When it comes to devising this detached house located in Cantabria, international interior designer Ana Escarzarga, owner of Del Veinte Galería, specializing in mid-20th century vintage design, was inspired by the aesthetic precepts of American modernism. The slate flooring, the use of wood and masonry and the breadth of windows that make up the exterior and interior, every detail reflects this mid-1940s style. In addition to the project, carried out together with EME Arquitectos, Ana Escarzarga also reflected the spirit of the time in the decoration.

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12 years ago

Id would´ve been nice helping your readers to locate this house, if you said Cantabria is a region in Spain. Do you think that information is a common knowledge?