Petrella Guidi Historical Hideaway in Italy

Bouquets of flowers and aromatic plants intoxicate upon arriving to Petrella Guidi Historical Hideaway, in the ancient medieval village of Petrella Guidi, Italy. Entering the gate, one leaves behind the pace of chaotic lives, and abandons itself to the joy of living of this ancient land. It is meant to be understood as a site of experience, where nature, culture, history and pleasure are elevated to the center of things in order to finally rediscover it in oneself. Each of the three houses presents itself as an unexpected world in its own right, closed in on itself and yet a harmonious part of the whole, waiting to be enlivened by lively laughter, animated conversation and playfulness. This territory is a paradise for lovers of nature and the great outdoors.

Lovingly and tastefully restored, three of the village’s ancient houses have become the center of a fascinating retreat. Embedded in an idyllic, intimate scenery featuring places of rest, fragrant flower and herb gardens and a spacious park, three detached houses harboring four suites await discriminating guests. The main building enchants the visitor with its lofty grandeur and the balance between its ancient structure and modern furnishings. From the spacious and elegant lounge with its generous library on the gallery a wooden staircase leads up to the communal kitchen.

The estate’s spring water purifies body and mind in the pleasant warmth of the Turkish bath (hamam) and feeds the spectacular indoor pool hewn into the rock. The airy panorama chilling room with its Baroque harem scenes and comfy chaises lounges imbues the place with that exotic touch which sends the mind on a travel through time and space.

The farmhouse with its welcoming rich interiors, offering luxury and comfort is available exclusively to those who wish to rent, from here.

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10 years ago

There were bugs everywhere! I found numerous spiders around the room and
an earwig on my pillow. The room was damp and smelled like mold. The
bed sheets and pillowcases were stained. The man working at the desk was
extremely rude. Everyone says you get what you pay for when staying
here… Not true! No one should ever stay in these conditions.

10 years ago

troppi rumori che si sentivano di notte da non riuscire a dormire.. dovuti probabilmente all’impianto di riscaldamento

Antonella Bruccialdi
10 years ago

It’s a pity, very nice place but service is so bad and people very arrogant

11 years ago

so amazing. I want to be there.