Mallorca country house with modern elements

The sound of water and the aromas emanating from the garden are combined to create a peaceful environment on this sprawling rustic country estate designed by architect Antoni Esteva in Mallorca, Spain. Located on the edge of the house is a small courtyard, comprising of a profuse garden which enhances the feeling of spaciousness, luminosity and sobriety that breathes throughout the interior. The unity of materials and Balearic native architecture is a constant throughout the home, which is divided into three levels due to the slope of the ground. The exterior facade is comprised of masonry, limestone and lime mortar. The interior spaces are characterized by a merger of modern and rural simplicity.

In line with Mediterranean architecture, the walls and ceilings appear bleached while the north pine wood ceiling beams stand out. The soft and porous stone flooring, of intense shades of ochre, provides contrast to the white walls, but, above all, warmth, so much that, according to Antoni Esteva, “allows walking barefoot in any time of the year.” There are few doors in the home, which connects the living environments into a spacious and airy floor plan.

Located in the same space, the hallway, dining room, living room and kitchen are an example of this visual continuity, which is enhanced by the use of the same scale in the upholstery and the horizontal row of planks of wood that decorates the ceiling in these four rooms. There are, however small sections of steps, or half walls which allows each space to retain its own autonomy. This same philosophy is repeated in the area where there are private units, which, located at a higher level, have balconies from where there are not only the landscape, but also the attractive verandas and the pool area. Via

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