Mediterranean home with jaw-dropping sea views

Duplis Dos is a luxurious home with stunning sea views of the Mediterranean in Ibiza, Balearic Islands by Belgium design studio Juma Architects, in collaboration with Minimum Arquitectura. The spacious home was designed not only to house eight to ten people but most of all to create a comfortable environment for two people.  The house actually began as two separate duplexes that they merged together to form the four-bedroom, four-bathroom house that it is today. Originally outfitted with two external staircases, they demolished those and created one staircase inside helping to make one cohesive space. This also opened up the exterior and allowed them to create various outdoor spaces to enjoy. One of the unique features is that they kept both pools. They made it look intentional with the multiple levels of terrace space in between.

From the architects, “there are two luxury swimming pools. The stairs used to be outside, by moving them indoors and to the back of the house we have managed to create a big space in front of the house. One of the houses lays a little bit lower than the other. We think that was something positive because we took advantage of that by creating different zones on the terrace, but also inside. For example: kitchen and living room. The wooden construction (terrace) together with the porches in steel merges the two buildings and makes them look like one contemporary Spanish house. We also opened up the wall inside the house. By creating a fireplace that can be seen and used in both rooms, on both sides, it helps to create more space.”

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