Train station transformed into an impressive home

Switzerland Holiday House-01-1 Kind Design

An impressive reform has turned a former train station into a dream house by owner and architect Antonie Bertherat-Kioes in Gstaad, Switzerland. The House is in an idyllic location, surrounded by six Lakes, valleys filled with black spruce, rocky peaks and green meadows. The architect turned the old 7,534 square foot (700 square meters) generator station into the perfect holiday chalet for her family of six. The Gruben station began operations in 1904 in the Montreux-Berner-Oberland narrow gauge railway line. The architect preserved the exterior of the building as well as a lot of the details in the interior. The interior has been spread out onto three levels, with the reform using indigenous materials such as treated wood, which is present in almost all of the rooms. Via

The fireplace is made of planks of wood placed horizontally.

Near the fireplace lies a unique Michael Anastassiades lamp.

An original control panel with an encased fireplace comprised of iron.

Part of the decoration of house is due to original parts of the old station.

Two iron transformers are used to separate the kitchen from the dining area.

The work area is located on the original control panel on the ground floor. The ceiling in this part of the house, the former factory building, is eight feet high. The wooden floor planks are a warm contrast to the cold industrial look.

A freestanding wooden wall shields the dining area from the entrance in the rear section of the building. The use of wood makes the industrial area charming and cozy.

The staircase, comprised of pine wood is situated in the north section of the building, leading to all the bedrooms and provides a clear view from the ground floor to the attic.

Some of the rooms are nested and completely immersed in pine wood.

A wood box built in the main bedroom houses the bathroom and provides support to the headboard of the bed.

The combination of concrete and wood is perfect in this bathroom, complete with a bathtub of Boffi.

The shower and the toilet are aligned by way of niches, made with treated wood and concrete with pigments, and open to the bathing area.

This entrance through to the kitchen has original windows remodeled into a doorway.

The reflection of the station in the mirror of the track, with the beautiful backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

Photos: Francesca Giovanelli

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